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Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting our mission and vision. They are involved in educational support, where they assist with tutoring and mentoring opportunities to enhance educational outcomes for the youth. In community service initiatives, volunteers are involved in  activities that contribute positively to the community, especially with our signature annual events (i.e. Football and Cheerleading Health and Wellness Event, etc.). In our violence prevention programs, volunteers have the opportunity to engage in workshops and events aimed at reducing violence and promoting peace. Additionally, volunteers are vital in advocating for health and wellness, sharing valuable information at external community events. They also play a key role in event support, helping to facilitate and manage the logistics at various foundation events, and in fundraising campaigns, where they participate in efforts to raise funds and spread awareness about the foundation’s mission and goals. Each role offers a unique opportunity to impact the South Florida and Tampa Bay community positively and support the youth in their journey towards success.

Benefits for Volunteers

  • Skill Development: Gain valuable experience and enhance skills in various areas, including education, event management, and community service.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse range of professionals, community leaders, and other volunteers in the South Florida and Tampa Bay area.
  • Personal Growth: Experience personal satisfaction and growth by contributing to a meaningful cause and making a positive impact.
  • Community Impact: Directly contribute to improving the lives of the youth and the broader community.
  • Health and Wellness Knowledge: Enhance your understanding of important health and wellness topics through active participation in related programs.
  • Certificate of Participation: Receive formal recognition for your contribution and service to the community, as well as community services hours, if needed.

Volunteer Registration Form

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